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Fixing Cracked Heels with Homeopathy

Do you suffer with dry, cracked heels? They are painful, can itch, bleed and they look terrible. Homeopathy to the rescue! Here are a few remedies that could be useful.


This is useful for extremely dry skin with severe itching. These cracks are painful and can ooze a "honey-like" liquid. Can also crack between toes.


These cracks look dirty, have a burning sensation, they itch but are worse when scratching, and when getting wet.


Dry cracks on heels or around the borders of the feet. Often pustular eruptions that burn and itch. Typically worse at night.


Skin is sensitive, dry, rough and cracked. There is burning and itching with redness. The cracks can bleed easily and there could be greenish crusts.

It is always recommended to seek the help of a licensed homeopath to choose the correct remedy, potency and frequency of treatment.

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