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Ganglion Cysts

Ganglion cysts develop along the tendons or joints of your wrists or hands, ankles or feet. They are usually painless but if they are close to a nerve or the joint, they can cause a deal of pain and difficulty with motion.

There are many remedies that could be helpful and the best one will depend on your current symptoms and take in to account all aspects of your health. However, a few of the top remedies are listed below.

You should always seek the advice of a licensed Homeopath to help choose remedy, potency and frequency of dosage.

Ruta Grav:

-considered a specific remedy for ganglion cysts

-pain and stiffness in wrist and hands

Calc. Fluor:

-ganglion formed on back of wrist

-pain caused by nerve compression

Benzoic Acid:

-tearing and stitching pain in wrist

-gouty deposits in joints


-paralytic weakness of the wrist

-offensive sweat on hands

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