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Halloween Homeopathy

As much fun as Halloween can be, we all know that kids, (and adults), can over do it on the candy. Listed below are some homeopathic remedies that can help with the results of candy overload.

Happy Halloween!!

Ignatia Sugar causes bloating of the abdomen. There can be griping pains on one or both sides of abdomen. Painful gas, especially at night.

Belladonna Nausea after eating sweets. Face may be red and pupils dilated.


For those with an extreme sweet tooth. Extreme bloating, belching and flatulence after sweets. Very uncomfortable, especially if clothing is too tight. They may lack confidence but try not to show it. Stool turns to diarrhea at the end.

Nux Vomica

Top remedy for over indulgence of both food, (and alcohol). Commonly prescribed to people that are very driven and natural leaders. Can have headache, sensitivity to light, sound and odours, can have nausea and vomiting, be chilly and very irritable.

Carbo Vegetabilis

Extreme bloating with lots of belching. Difficulty breathing with a desire for moving air, (air hunger). They can be cold, but don't want to be warmed up, as well as extreme debility.


For those who over-indulge, are needy and just want to be loved. Abdominal bloating and nausea, wants open air and they can weep easily.

Bryonia – When pain is aggravated by movement, so movement is avoided where possible. Can have heartburn, constipation or diarrhea, wants to be left alone and is very thirsty.

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