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Homeopathy & Croup

Croup is a nasty childhood illness that causes breathing difficulties due to inflammation of the larynx and trachea.

There are numerous symptoms that go with croup but the most recognized one is the barking cough.

It can usually be treated at home but if your child displays any of the following symptoms, they need to be seen by your doctor:

-If they have stridor when breathing in or out (high pitched breathing sound)

-If there is excessive drooling or they're having a hard time swallowing

-If their breathing is faster than normal

-If they are anxious, agitated and have no energy

-If the chest muscles pull in when they inhale

-If they are turning grey or blue around the nose, mouth or fingernails

-If they seem dehydrated (no urine output, dry mouth).

If your child isn't displaying any of the serious symptoms, you can use one of the following remedies to help them through this illness.


This remedy should always be given at the first sign of croup; it will often prove to be the only one needed, if given right away, unless some other remedy is strongly, indicated. There is a high fever, skin is dry, much restlessness and distress. Cough and loud breathing during inspiration. Every expiration ends with a hoarse hacking cough.

Arsenicum album:

For croup with suffocative attacks at night; especially after midnight; croup before or after rashes or hives; child cannot breathe through the nose; very restless and thirsty, but for small amounts of water as there is typically an aggravation after drinking.


Spasms of the larynx, suffocative cough, hoarse whistling, croupy sound with great effort; rattling breathing; gasping; impeded respiration, heat of the face, much rattling in larynx when coughing.

Hepar sulph:

If there is a rattling, choking cough, becoming worse particularly in the early morning hours of the night. Child tends to be chilly. Cough can be worse from cold drafts or cold room and better warm moist air.


The cough is dry and has a sound like a saw driven through a pine board, each cough corresponding to a thrust of the saw.

You should always seek the advice of a licensed homeopath to help you choose the right remedy, potency and frequency of doses.

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