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Homeopathy for a Runny Nose

A runny nose can be caused by a common cold, an allergy to dust, pollen and many other reasons. A runny nose can cause the nose to itch, burn and cause sneezing. It can cause post nasal drip which can irritate the throat. The eyes can also water, burn, itch swell and be red.

The following remedies are a few of the remedies that can be useful for a runny nose.

Allium Cepa:

-profuse runny nose that burns

-eyes water and burn

-worse in a warm room, better outside

Arsenicum Album:

-nostrils feel hot and burn

-watery discharge

-patient is thirsty and tired


-stuffed up nose

-little bit of running nose

-throat is dry and sore

-throbbing headaches with light sensitivity


-usually worse at night

-one cheek can be pale while the other is red

-better with comfort (if a child - better being carried)


-stuffy nose even while running

-constant sneezing

-eyes swollen and watering

-worse outside


-dull, drowsy, droopy

-everything feels heavy, lame and sore

-watery eyes

-sneezing non-stop


-all about the eyes

-eyes running excessively and burning

-nose discharge is profuse, but bland

-worse at night when lying down

Please contact a licensed homeopath to help you choose the right remedy, potency and frequency dosage.

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