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Homeopathy for Allergies

It's getting to be that time of year again...seasonal allergies are on their way. Homeopathy is a safe and effective way to manage seasonal allergies. If your allergies are chronic, you should see a homeopath for a full consultation to provide relief. If you suffer for short periods of time, here are some great remedies to have on hand to help.

Allium Cepa:

Great for hay fever when your nose runs like a tap and is acrid, you have teary eyes with bland discharge, sneezing fits and dull head pain.

Your eyes can be light sensitive, you may have a tickling cough, be better in open air and

worse in cold room or cold air.


This remedy is all about the eyes. There is a watery and acrid discharge from the eyes. The eyes can be swollen and light sensitive, the nose will run but the discharge will be bland.

Symptoms are typically worse in the morning and worse in a warm room. Symptoms are better when outside as well as when using cold compresses or water.


This remedy is all about the sneeze, it involves violent sneezing fits and tingling/itching in the nose which makes the sneezing worse.

You'll have watery discharges from nose and eyes which makes the sneezing worse

Typically, symptoms are worse outdoors and better with warmth or warm drinks


This remedy is all about the itch. It's good for hay fever if it starts with itching of the palate.

There will be itching just inside the nose that makes you want wiggle the nose or scratch just in the inside of the nostril.

There is also excessive salivation.

Arsenicum Album:

This remedy has a watery discharge that burns the upper lip, nose and eyes. You'll feel stuffed up even while your nose is running. There may be burning pains in your nose and eyes and have a dull throbbing headache with light sensitivity.

You'll feel better from warm applications or hot drinks

Natrum Muriaticum:

Hay fever that starts with sneezing, but not the violent sneezing fits like Sabadilla. The sneezing is worse in the morning, particularly at 10 am.

Your nose runs watery and clear, then it gets thicker as time goes on. It can also alternate between being runny and stuffed up.

For help choosing a remedy, potency and dosage, please contact Eryn @ 705-790-0132 or

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Please contact Eryn @ 705-790-0132 or for more information

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