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Homeopathy for Bedwetting

Although bedwetting is usually a childhood problem, it can affect people at any age. Thankfully Homeopathy can help. A constitutional treatment is usually best, but here are a few of the remedies that could help.

Arsenicum Album is helpful when the person wetting the bed is nervous and anxious as well as being chilly. Often the bedwetting takes place from 1-2 am.

Lycopodium is useful when the person emits copious amounts of urine in their sleep. They tend to crave sweets and can be grumpy when waking.

Sepia has to concentrate on holding their bladder or they'll wet themselves. Typically they will wet the bed shortly after falling asleep. This person is relatively indifferent and likes to be alone.

If you or someone you know is struggling with bedwetting, please don't hesitate to contact Eryn at Barrie Homeopathy either by email or call 705-790-0132

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