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Homeopathy for Colic

Colic is characterized by frequent and prolonged bouts of fussiness and crying in an otherwise healthy baby. Colic seems to happen for no apparent reason and often occurs in the evening. Episodes of colic peak when the baby is about 6 weeks old and tend to go away by 3-4 months.

There are a number of approaches you can take to managing colic and Homeopathy is one of them.

Below is a list of remedies that can be helpful for colic. As with any ailment you're trying to treat, you should always consult with a Homeopath to dedide on remedy, potency and frequency of dosage.


This remedy can be used when the baby cries often and cannot be comforted. They are

restless, seem angry, and may arch their back in an effort to find a comfortable position. The

stools are often green and offensive, even in the breastfed baby.


This baby develops hiccoughs soon after eating and you can hear rumbling from the belly. This

infant is consolable and feels best when in mother’s arms, being held or gently rocked. You will

commonly be able to see a fine marbled look to the skin, with visible small veins on the face.

Nux vomica:

A baby that needs this remedy will most often be constipated. They will need to push very hard

for each bowel movement, even if the stool is soft or mushy. They will want to be kept very

warm, and they will be angry with most of what one does in trying to help them.


These babies tend to look anxious with a wrinkled brow and a worried expression. They typically

have gas and seem to be worse in the late afternoon or early evening. They often feel better

with a warm compress on their belly they always feel better when they pass gas.


This remedy is wonderful for children that need pressure on their abdomens. For instance, the

baby that needs to be hoisted up onto the parent shoulder to stop crying.

Magnesium phosphoricum:

This remedy helps babies that need their knees up by the chest, which seems to relieve

the bloating and gas; they will also settle down some if they can manage a good burp.


This remedy is helpful for the baby whose mother has experienced

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