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Homeopathy for Dental Work

Did you know that homeopathy was useful in dental pain? If you're having work done, getting braces tightened, or having teeth pulled, there are a few remedies you should have on hand.

Arnica: This is the number one remedy you will want! It is used for inflammation, bruising, bleeding and trauma from routine dental procedures like surgery, extraction, dentures, braces, etc.

Hypericum: For managing nerve pain, post operatively.

Belladonna: For sudden onset of an abscess that is accompanied by redness, inflammation and throbbing which is aggravated by the slightest touch.

Hepar Sulph: Ideal for the beginning of dental abscess. Gums are tender to touch and can bleed.

As always, you should contact a licensed homeopath to discuss your specific concerns so that they can prescribe remedies and instruct on potency and frequency of dosage.

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