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Homeopathy for Heat Rash

It's getting HOT! With the heat can come heat rash and it's usually more prevalent in small children. Thankfully there are homeopathic remedies that can help. Below are the four most used remedies. Be sure to get the advice of a licensed homeopath to help you choose the right remedy, potency and dosage.

Arsenicum Album:

This remedy is the first choice if it’s not clear which one to choose. There is itching and burning with restlessness


When there are red, hot, shiny hive-like eruptions and skin feels hot. Or a sudden “puffing up” of the whole body.


This remedy is helpful when symptoms are violent, sudden and intense. The skin will be red, hot and painful.


This rash is red with raised blotches that have a stinging quality to them, (can look like nettle rash). The skin itches and burns and feels better with rubbing and worse with cold bathing.

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