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Homeopathy for Stressed out Parents!!

Being a parent is wonderful, but it is also exhausting, stressful and A LOT of work.

I see so many parents that are exhausted, can hardly function, yell at their kids because they're at the end of their rope and just want/need a break.

In today's society, parents (particularly women), think they can/should be everything to everyone and accomplish everything they need to in their career, relationship and as a parent. It's hard and tiring work and sometimes you need a reset.

Thankfully homeopathy can help. There are a number of remedies that work wonders for the overworked, dragged down parents. Each person needs an individualized treatment plan that will work best for her and homeopathy provides exactly that.

Here is an example taken from an article on

Liz is a busy mum, aged 37, with 2 children and works full time. When she came to see me she was feeling stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted with all her responsibilities – being a mother, a wife, a taxi service, a cleaner etc. As the only sibling living in Ireland she also had to cope with her sick mother who needed care. She was angry with everyone around her, snapping at the kids, couldn’t tolerate her husband and at times she just felt like walking out on everyone. She felt indifferent to things she previously loved and had given up on many of her personal goals. She also suffered from painful periods, headaches, PMT and acne. The only thing that gave her any temporary relief in the midst of the stress was getting out for a run.

In this particular case, I prescribed a homeopathic remedy called Sepia * that matched her symptoms and Liz felt the change was dramatic in a very short period of time. “When I took the remedy it was like someone lifting a weight of my shoulders. I don’t feel as exhausted and while I am still busy I am motivated and have the energy to get things done. The anger has eased, my moods have improved and I am seeing things from a different perspective. I realise my husband isn’t the bad cop I made him out to be. I also see how much I am trying to accomplish alone and I have since introduced some changes to take the pressure of me”.

So, if you're feeling like you need a reset please contact Eryn at Barrie Homeopathy to see how Homeopathy might be able to help you.

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