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Homeopathy for Toothache

Toothache can be caused by cavities, gum disease, gingivitis, exposed root, cracked tooth, wisdom teeth and so much more.

Whatever the cause, Homeopathy can often help.

Here is a short list some of the helpful homeopathic remedies. You should always contact a licensed homeopath to help you choose the right remedy, potency and dosage.


One of the best remedies for a pulsating toothache due to inflammation. It's worse in the night and in damp weather but can get some relief by massaging the face.

The breath is unusually bad.


The need for this remedy comes from inflammation of the pulp. The pain is a burning throbbing pain and is worse at night and on contact. Typically the face is red as well.


This remedy is useful for the most severe pain which is stinging, jerking and intermittent. It's worse from chewing and warm drinks but is relieved by holding cold water in the mouth.


This remedy is helpful for abscesses that form at the roots or dental fistulae. The pain is made worse when eating warm food or breathing in cold air. The teeth also feel loose.


Arnica is always useful in dental procedures. From controlling bleeding and bruising to relieving soreness after having work done.

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