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Homeopathy in Childbirth

One of my favourite populations to work with is expecting Mothers. Not only can most expecting Moms use homeopathy safely throughout their pregnancy to manage morning sickness, heartburn, acute illnesses and so much more, it can also be used to help with labour, delivery and recovery.

Here is a note from one of the expectant moms that used homeopathy through her labour and delivery.

"I took Eryn's Homeopathy for Labour and Delivery course in Oct 2018 and I was due in Jan 2019. I had some remedies and my birth team had the whole kit and I was given a rotation of remedies throughout my labour. I feel that without these remedies I wouldn't be able to have my babies at home because they kept me going. Thanks Eryn."

We currently offer classes on Childhood Illness, Infant Concerns, Homeopathy in Pregnancy and a class on Labour and Delivery.

We also have an entire program to support women through this amazing time in their lives!!

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