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Last Chance to Order!!

As you all know from my post last Friday, I'm closing down.

I've had many people reach out asking me to order them some items before I'm done so I will be placing one last order with Boiron to get you what you need. If there's anything you would like to stock up on, please let me know.

Here are some common items that people request but I can order that Boiron makes:

Custom Kits with case and individualized instructions (sizes and prices vary so contact me for details and to plan what's included in your custom kit)

Single Remedies - Is there a remedy you use regularly like Arnica, Kali-Bic, Ignatia etc? They have a 5 year expiration so you can stock up.

Oscillococcinum - a great remedy to fight fever, chills, body aches etc.

Calendula Cream - for burns, abrasions etc.

Arnica Cream - to ease sore muscles

Tissue Salts

The order will be going in on Friday February 10th so please let me know if you'd like something before then.

Take Care,


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