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Nat. Mur. Tissue Salts

Schuessler's Tissue Salts, also known as cell salts or biochemic salts, are micro-doses of the 12 essential minerals that your body needs to maintain and repair itself. These salts are potentized and prepared in Homeopathic 6X potencies. These salts are used to restore balance in the system in order to function properly.

Each week I will be reviewing one of the tissue salts in depth. This week we will look at Nat. Mur.


Nat Mur is the tissue salt responsible for the distribution of water in the body. Symptoms become evident where there is too much water or too little water i.e. where there is dryness. Stomach juices and cell division are made possible because of this salt. Nat Mur can be used with advantage in cases when a salt free diet is recommended.

Assists with:


Hayfever, clear watery nasal discharge often with loss of smell

Watery eyes or nose

Cold sores around nose & mouth

Dry lips which crack

Constipation, dry stools

Dry whitish scaley, cracked skin

Dry eyes

Craving of salty foods

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