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Raynaud's Disease & Homeopathy

Raynaud’s disease is caused by a lack of blood to the fingers and toes causing numbness and coldness. It is triggered with stress or with exposure to cold temperatures. The fingers and toes not only go cold and numb, they also go pale white and then blue and then when the attack is over, they go red, hot and throb or tingle.

Raynaud's Disease is classified as primary (no underlying condition causes the vasospasm), or secondary (there is an underlying medical condition causing the vasospasm). Secondary Raynaud's can be caused by connective tissue disorders, scleroderma, lupus, frostbite, injuries, and smoking among others, and is more serious that primary Raynaud's.

Although it primarily affects the fingers and toes, Raynaud's can also affect the ears, nose and lips. Some complications of Raynaud's Disease can be gangrene and skin ulcers.

Thankfully there are a number of homeopathic remedies that can help. Remedies like Nat-M, Carbo-Veg, Calc Carb, and Phosphorus could each be helpful when carefully selected using the totality of symptoms.

Always remember that you should seek the advice of a licensed Homeopath with choosing the right remedy, potency and frequency of dosage.

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