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Surgical Recovery and Homeopathy

Did you know that using a handful of homeopathic remedies before and after surgery can speed your healing process, manage pain, reduce swelling and bruising and control the healing itch? Homeopathy is a wonderful choice for supporting healing!

Here is a portion of a story that was posted on Instagram, with pictures, from a woman that recently had breast reconstruction surgery and used homeopathic remedies to support her healing:

"Well, I'm still at home recovering from recent surgery for breast reconstruction I had 2 weeks ago today, but feeling better each day. Admittedly, this procedure was a lot more invasive and painful than I expected but each day I'm feeling a bit better. I'm also getting a bit antsy not being able to work out and my sleep is constantly interrupted each time I move, which is making me kind of grumpy but even so, it already looks and feels better than it has for the past year. (And to be honest, I actually needed this 'forced rest' to recharge and recover.) The first time I looked at myself after the surgery I was quite shocked. The bruising and swelling freaked me right out! Thankfully, it has healed quite fast and the swelling has gone down, bruising is almost gone, the itchiness mostly stopped and the pain has been much more manageable and I credit that to my good friend, Eryn @barriehomeopathy who immediately put me on her Homeopathy treatments for all of those symptoms. I swear by them and you can see the 2 week results in my pics. Best part is that homeopathy is natural and there are no side effects. I'm so lucky to have wonderful friends who always care for me 😘. I really wasn't sure that I wanted to post my recovery pics because it's gross and super personal, but I think it helps to share the benefit of natural 'medicine' and shows that you have options - not just pharmaceuticals - and healthy options are important."

Please contact Eryn at

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