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Surviving the Holidays - Exhaustion!

We often hit the proverbial brick wall during the holidays where we feel like we just can't put one foot in front of the other anymore. When this happens you need to take a break, get some rest and refuel. You can also use homeopathy to help you along your way. Here are some great remedies for exhaustion in the short term.

Please remember to contact a licensed homeopath to choose the proper remedy and for instructions on potency, and frequency of dosage.

Kali Phos:

This person is mentally exhausted from overwork, excitement, or worry and finds it difficult to think. They often forget things and feel weak and fatigued as well as being irritable with their exhaustion.

Phosphoric Acid:

This person feels weak and feeble, often from grief, and they don't want to talk about it.

They crave carbonated drinks and refreshing things like fruit.


This person feels dragged down and worn out. They end up shutting down on an emotional level and can be irritable with those they love the most (family members). They feel better when they're alone and better with strenuous exercise or dancing.

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