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The Super Bowl Hangover

The majority of us will be watching the Super Bowl this weekend and some of us won't be feeling too great afterwards.

Thankfully homeopathy can help you recover and get back to living your life.

Here are some key remedies to have on hand:

Nux Vomica, AKA The hangover cure:

This is the top remedy for over indulgence in alcohol as well as food.

This person will be experiencing some of the following typical hangover symptoms like headaches, sensitivity to light, sound and smells, nausea, vomiting.

The person that needs Nux Vomica will often say “I would feel so much better if I could only vomit!”


This remedy is most often used for food poisoning.

The person needing this remedy could experience chills, stomach pains, vomiting, and anxiety (they think they're going to die form being sick)

Carbo Veg:

This remedy is known as “the corpse reviver” and is another great remedy for over indulgence in food especially.

The person needing this remedy could experience bloating, indigestion, belching, and desire to be fanned or in a breeze, (air hunger), laboured breathing (because they're so full).


Lycopodium is for those with a sweet tooth.

The person needing this remedy could experience bloating, flatulence and belching, a ravenous appetite that increases when eating, digestive complaints with bloated abdomens.


Bryonia is great for someone whose pain is aggravated by movement so they want to be completely still.

The person needing this remedy wants to be left alone and stay perfectly still. Their headaches are excruciating and gradually get worse as the day goes on. They revery thirsty and often have heartburn.

I hope this info helps you enjoy Superbowl AND the following day!

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